Dear Quiet Reader,

When it is time to write, I write. When I feel the need to draw, I’ll draw. Sometimes, if I don’t feel like drawing, I’ll piece together my Canva design and pray and hope it saves on my laptop before my computer dies.

So, what about building a website from scratch?

To be honest with you, human to hooman, it is a stressful yet eye opening journey. I don’t have a degree in coding or computer science. It’s a pain in the ass building something from scratch that both you and society enjoy. However, unlike these trends and what society says about it, I obsess over the satisfaction of accomplishing something that takes an abundant amount of time and dedication to piece together.

If you’re here right now, then you’ve probably talked to me beforehand or gathered here from a direct link. Thank you so much, for sure! Please, continue to visit and allow me to take up to five minutes of your time to share what’s going on or provide transparent perspectives that an AI didn’t piece together within twenty seconds or less.

I hope you find this friendly letter well and continue to refine your craft. If you think you’re not worth writing about, just know I feel the same way about myself as well. Just keep going, and the right person will hear, acknowledge, and appreciate what you have to say– music, art, graphic design, poetry, podcasting, whatever!

The only person who can stop you is YOU!

…and cats…